Andy Warhol’s Dollar Sign portfolio from 1982 was the ultimate manifestation of his love affair with money. Warhol once said, “I like money on the wall,” and the Dollar Sign portfolio was his way of using his iconic imagery to achieve just that. The sketchy quality of the image makes a subtle, yet notable reference to comic strips. Dollar Sign is a superb example of Warhol seizing a universally recognizable symbol, infusing color and repetition, and transforming it into a Warholian symbol.

Quite possibly the most influential artist since Marcel Duchamp, Andy Warhol revolutionized modern art, radically altering the relationship of art to notions of authorship and commodity, and blurring the boundaries between performance, photography, painting, and sculpture. Warhol’s innovations, which have now become familiar artistic techniques, confounded traditional notions of what an artist did (Warhol outsourced much of his work to …

Screenprint on Lenox Museum Board

19.75 x 15.62 in

50.2 x 39.7 cm

Edition of 60

Signed and numbered in pencil

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